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Our family of skilled exterminators have the experience to rid you of all your pest problems.

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Our Offers

We offer a variety of the best pest control services in Winnipeg.
Residential Pest Control
Emergency Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control
Our residential pest control services are very effective and affordable. We take pride in our ability to manage and maintain predators or pests safely and humanely.
We offer a variety of pest control supplies that help with the prevention and extermination of different species of insect or rodents.
Our goal is to remove and prevent future infestations from occurring. By implementing our proven pest control methods your place of business will once again become pest free.
Our Winnipeg pest control company takes pride in the ability to manage and maintain predators or pests safely and humanely. We offer the extermination and removal of such things as;
  • Bedbugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Bees and Bee Hives
  • Wasps and Wasp Nests
  • Any Crawling Insects
    • Mice
    • Rats
    • Bats
    • Squirrels
    • Raccoons
    • Any Larger Predators

     working process 

    How We Work

    First we work with our clients to do proper evaluation of their dwellings to ensure the best possible pest removal. After our diagnoses will we then proceed with conquering your pest problems. This maximizes our chances of a full pest elimination and reduces the ability of the pests returning.

    1. Evaluating your infestation

    At some point in our lives we will all have to prepare ourselves for confrontations with some type of pest or predator on our property. For that reason it’s important to understand the health and financial risks that pests pose to your family or your business.

    2. Mastering a pest control plan

    Just doing a proper house inspection can be beneficial in identifying and preventing pest infestation. Deciding on and developing an efficient plan of action is always the most beneficial way of pest control.

    3. pest prevention

    Establishing if your house needs repairs on screen windows or any points of entry through small openings can help stop pests from even starting an infestation. Verifying that all dry goods are stored in proper air tight containers will help prevent mice and insects from eating or infesting your pantry of all foods.

     who we are

    Winnipeg Pest Control

    Predator Pest Eliminator is a fully licensed, insured and 24 hour emergency pest control company with a local shop in Winnipeg's North End. Pest control in Winnipeg involves certain steps that can only be accomplished safely by a certified exterminator. We understand our customers frustration with their pest problem and only profit when our clients are 100% satisfied. So you can be comforted with the fact that we deliver on our promise to not ease up until we see their feet up.

    Pest Prevention Tips

    To get the best pest prevention you need to come up with a good plan of action. As much as possible we will provide and focus on pest control tips that will help deter any pests from making your home their home. To limit the possibility of insect infestation in your dry goods like cereals,flour,dog food or other dry grains, make sure to store everything in air tight containers and always have a clean kitchen. This can help ensure that your produce is not being contaminated by mice or any other insect infestations.

    Evaluating an Infestation

    We can help you establish the most efficient ways to eliminate pests in your home or on your property. Leveraging our experience and professional ability to remove predators or pests from your home will provide you with the comfort in knowing the job is being done right. Simplify your life and implement our professional pest removal services today.

    Pest Control Plan

    With the Predator Pest Eliminator ensuring a proper plan of action, you can sit back and feel at ease knowing you are in the right hands. We only benefit by gaining your respect through 100% satisfaction and that is our goal. Developing a long and strong relationship with our client base is one of our proudest achievements. Gaining your trust and providing quality pest control services is our biggest priority.

    We are a pest control Winnipeg based service that captures, removes and eliminates your pest infestations. Call Predator Pest Eliminator today and ask for Terry at 431-800-0509 for any of your pest or predator problems.

     get to know us 

    Our Team

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    Owner - Pest Exterminator

    Terry Bruce

    I would like to introduce you to the owner and his son, Terry Bruce and Talon Bruce our top exterminators. Terry grew up in a small country setting where he learned at a very young age how to manage and safely dispose of all sorts of predators or pests. Something he passed along to his son, Talon. Along with his years of experience in pest preventive measures, Terry is an avid outdoorsman which ensures the very best pest removal service available.

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